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Shree Santram Mandir is a prominent temple situated in Nadiad, Gujarat, India. It is home to Shree Santram Maharaj who is a holy human and it is known for social activities for needy. Shree Santram Mandir has Santram Jan Seva Trust, it runs a physiotherapy center, an eye clinic and many other charitable organization, also involved in various cultural activities.

There are other Santram Mandir’s located in Vadodara, Karamsad, Umreth, Varad, Koyli, Radhu, Pachhegam, Padra, Chaklasi, Narsanda and Sojitra in Gujarat.

Shree Santram Maharaj was a great Avadhoot saint. He came to Nadiad from Girnar, so he was also called Girnari Bava, Videhi Bava, or Sukha-Sagarji. He came here in Samvat 1872, lived for the spiritual good of People for the 15 years, and took Jivat-Samadhi on the full-moon-day of the month Magha of Samvat 1887. At the first he was dwelled in a hollow of the Rayan-tree, situated where the Deri is located today.

Significance of Santram Mandir: At the time when Shree Santram Maharaj took Samadhi, people saw a self-ignited flame which exists even today known as ‘Akhand Jyot’ (Eternal Light). The Darshan (seeing) and Poojan (worship) of the:

(a) Akhandjyot (Eternal Light)

(b) Padooka (Wooden Slipper) of Shree Santram Maharaj and

(c) Samadhi Place is of great significance for the devotee and the people of the surrounding region.


Dev Diwali 2014 at Santram Mandir and Santram Deri, Nadiad


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